ORBIS Films is the Leading Italian Production Service Company headquartered in Milan with an office in Rome. Being recognized as the Top #1 Video Production Company in Rome, ORBIS Agency provides global brands with state-of-the-art production services throughout Italy.

Rome has long been a film and television production hub, with its rich history, astonishing architecture, and iconic landmarks providing a picturesque backdrop for countless films and TV shows.

But the city's production scene extends far beyond just the big screen. In recent years, Rome has become a destination for a wide range of video production projects, from corporate to brand videos and from TV commercials to high-profile event coverage. ORBIS Films supports brands, agencies, companies, production houses, governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, streaming giants, Fortune 500s, conglomerates, start-ups, and global enterprises with the full range of high-end video production services in Rome on a turnkey basis - from location scouting, obtaining shooting permits, creative concept development, scripting, casting, to supplying A-list italian film directors, cinematographers, producers, film crews, Italian fixers, scouts, creative directors and many more. Everything is done exclusively in-house by ORBIS' world-class Italian filmmakers and producers.
One of the advantages of producing in Rome is the city's wealth of historical and cultural locations. From the Colosseum to the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain to the Spanish Steps, Rome offers an abundance of visually stunning landmarks that can add bright depth and resonance to any video project. Additionally, Rome's status as a global tourist destination means that there is always a lively and vibrant atmosphere in the city, providing ample opportunities for capturing engaging footage.

How to choose the best Rome Production Company?

Video production involves the creation of various types of videos such as commercial, brand, corporate, and documentary videos. Video marketing content is highly effective in conveying key visual information and creating an emotional response in the audience.
Video production involves the creation of various types of videos such as commercial, brand, corporate, and documentary videos. Video marketing content is highly effective in conveying key visual information and creating an emotional response in the audience.

Rather than describing a product or service, videos enable businesses to demonstrate their offerings in action, providing a compelling and engaging way to showcase their brand.
Video production in Rome

Production service company in Rome

ORBIS Production Company has been producing top-quality videos for many years and takes great pride in each aspect of its business.
The firm's primary focus is delivering top-notch, efficient marketing results. Its specialists and filmmakers meticulously analyze each client's requirements to propose the most suitable and effective solution.
With a highly skilled crew, mostly from a film and TV background, ORBIS Production can quickly and efficiently provide high-quality video production services in Rome and throughout Italy. In addition, the company is committed to staying up-to-date with the latest trends and industry developments to offer clients the most current and relevant services available.
Looking for the best video production company in Rome and Italy can be overwhelming with the variety of options available.

To make the decision process more manageable, start by creating a shortlist of production companies in Rome and carefully review their portfolio and track records.

It's also important to consider whether the production company provides full-service production or only specializes in technical output or videography. A professional production house should offer a wide range of highly professional services.

ORBIS Production Company is one of the few recognized production houses in Italy that offers a complete range of creative and world-class production services in Rome. With the head office in Milan and an office in Rome for project management, we are the go-to production company for the Lazio region and all across Italy.
Clutch and Goodfirms, two of the most extensive rating agencies in the world, have recognized ORBIS Production as the best film and video production company in Rome and Italy for the years 2023-2021.

What video production services does ORBIS provide in Rome?

ORBIS Films is a leading provider of advanced video production services in Rome and throughout Italy. Since its establishment in 2009, the company has earned a reputation for reliability and high-quality creative and production services across Europe. With a team of over 57 specialists, ORBIS Films has successfully produced more than 750 turnkey videos and continues to grow.
ORBIS Films, The leading Rome production company, provides the following services:

  • Development of creatives, pitches, messaging strategies, key visual, and brand marketing communications;
  • Full-cycle commercial production of any scale and complexity;

  • TVC production in Rome and Italy – from pre-production, production, and post-production. ORBIS creates concepts, writes scripts, draws storyboards, and also provides A-list Italian commercial directors, top-tier directors of photography, English-speaking film crews, line producers, and much more;
  • Location scouting for filming throughout Italy and Rome;

  • Fixing locations in Rome and Lazio from leading Italian Location Scouts who know how to and where to. Colosseum, Pantheon, Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain, Vatican City, Capitol Hill, The Appian Way, Villa Borghese, and much more – unlock significant historical places in Rome for exclusive filming without any stress;
  • Obtaining filming permits from local authorities, including aerial and helicopter filming in Rome – our fixers have years of experience with shooting in Rome and Italy;
  • Conducting castings, negotiations, and contracting of talents for filming and buyout rights globally and exclusively for all type of media distribution channels;
  • Art Department: costume design, production design, props creation, food styling, HMUA, and more;
  • Executive Production Management - budgeting, production control, and accounting services;
  • Corporate production - from script to filming and post-production;
  • Brand video production - an individual approach to each brand and product of the company;
  • Live-streaming and event coverage services;
  • Music video production from idea to TV distribution;
  • High-Profile Event Management in Rome;
  • Cinema Equipment: ARRI Alexa LF, RED V-Raptor XL, Zeiss Signature Primes, Hawk Anamorphic, FreeFly Alta X, Russian Arm, Dollies, MRMC Bolt, cable cam systems, Jibs, Grips, and much more – ORBIS Production House owns state-of-the-art film gear;
  • First-Class Film Crews in Rome: DIT, VTR, 1AC, 2AC, 1AD, 2AD, Production Managers, Head of Production, Camera Operators, Technicians, Gaffers, Lightning Assistants, Sound Engineers, Boom Operators, Production Assistants, Dolly, Grip, Key Grip, Runners, Jib operators, line producers, focus-pullers, production coordinators, Italian location managers, VFX supervisors, and more;
  • Film incentives consulting in Italy – special offer for huge-scale film productions. ORBIS Agency has a great production service network throughout Italy, Europe, and globally;
  • High-end post-production - making of bespoke CGI, VFX (visual effects), voiceover, color grading, sound design, and film editing;
And much more - please contact ORBIS’ video success managers and producers in Rome for more detailed conditions.

What industries does ORBIS Production Company cater to in Rome and Italy?

ORBIS Films is a leading Italian production company with unparalleled expertise in the industry. With two offices in Italy – in Rome and HQ in Milan, and a team of over 50 professionals, the agency is capable of providing top-notch video production services across the country, regardless of the complexity or industry. While ORBIS has a rich track record of producing high-quality films and videos in Rome and Lazio, it is also results-driven and has deepest insights into various industries.

The producers of the company have a vast experience for such areas as:

Film production of blockbusters and TV series
Pharmacological and Medical
Banking and Finance
High Tech sector
Full-Service Crypto Production: NFT, Blockchain, Projects, ICO, and more
Documentary Production: Interviews, Series, Research
Beauty and Personal Care Products
Event Coverage (Venice Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival, UNICEF, Met Gala, amfAR, MFW, FIFA, and more)
Food and Beverage
Industrial and Manufacturing
Delivery Services
Real Estate
and many others.
ORBIS Production Company provides comprehensive video marketing communication services across all industries. The agency's producers and marketers have a deep understanding of business and delve deep into the brand's DNA to better understand the needs of the client's target audience. This enables ORBIS to provide efficient and bespoke video marketing solutions to its clients in Rome and all across Italy.
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How much do video production services cost in Rome and Italy?

The video production process typically begins with a meeting, which can take place in person at ORBIS Production's Rome office or virtually. During this meeting, the agency's producers collaborate with the client to establish the goals and objectives of the video or advertising campaign.
Once the purposes have been approved, the agency creates a production brief and work plan. From there, creative concepts are developed based on the idea, and the agency's creative team writes scripts and storyboards in collaboration with the director. Once the concept and scripts have been finalized, the agency's producers prepare a preliminary estimate, taking into account factors such as the director, director of photography, equipment, and more.

Visual communication is a critical aspect of modern business. Many people are visual learners and find it easier to understand and connect with concepts that are presented visually.

Video production is an excellent tool for conveying the essence of a business to a target audience or presenting a company in a concise and compelling manner. Video production can effectively showcase a company's strengths and advantages, whether it's a corporate video, advertising campaign, or short film. It's an excellent way to engage and connect with audiences, communicate key messages, and build brand awareness.
The cost of video production services in Rome consists of many components. ORBIS agency is the top video production company in Rome and Italy - the company's specialists strive to be extremely open and transparent with their clients. There is no universal answer to the question asked, for example, the minimum cost of the agency's projects in 2022 was 30' 000 euros, and the maximum was over 950' 000 euros. The answer is not somewhere in the middle, but determined by a clear set of factors - and it all starts with a brief. Our managers and producers will help you navigate and choose the right production for your budget.
If you are looking for first-class video production services in Rome and Lazio – write your inquiry over email, ORBIS Production managers work 24/7 in all time zones and are always happy to help.

For reference, ORBIS Production Agency is recognized as the leading multi-award-winning film and video production company in Italy in 2023. We work around the clock to guarantee the best results in each project from start to finish.

ORBIS Production offers limitless filming opportunities throughout Rome, the Lazio region, and Italy.
Top Video Production Company in Rome

Top Video Production Company in Rome 2024

The agency is dedicated to ensuring the success of every project, with a focus on high efficiency and measurable results. Whether it's a single-day interview with a management board or a feature film production lasting for months, our expertise and experience enable us to deliver exceptional results.

As a leading Italian production house, ORBIS Films is renowned for Italian quality on every continent, with an internal quality control system that ensures production managers and coordinators closely monitor every stage of production. Additionally, ORBIS Production has its own creative communications agency, providing a complete range of creative video production services throughout Italy, from concept to flawless implementation on time and without stress.
What sets ORBIS Production apart?
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    film and advertising international awards
  • 768+
    successful productions
  • 50+
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    offices in Italy/on all continents
  • #1
    video production company in Rome, Italy, and Europe
  • 14
    years of Hollywood-level international production experience
Leading Rome production companyis open for discussions and is always thrilled to provide the best production services in the wonderful Eternal city. Video Success Managers of the agency are happy to help within one hour after your call, visit, or email.

ORBIS is your one-stop video production agency in Romeand Italy – Feel free to contact us today for more information and an exclusive offer.

Work just with the BEST, Work with ORBIS Production Company in Rome to get the cutting-edge video production services in the most stunning locations with top-of-the-range film equipment and highly-skilled production teams.
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