ORBIS Production is a full-service Italian social media marketing agency specializing in creating 360 turnkey social media campaigns operating globally.

In today's digital age, effective communication through social media platforms has become crucial for businesses to connect with their audience. By carefully studying the target audience, following and creating trends, and collaborating with influencers and celebrities, we craft unique media content that engages and resonates with brands, companies, corporations, and agencies.

As a one-stop shop for social media marketing, we understand the significance of strategic communication, and our expert marketers develop bespoke strategies while our in-house production team delivers captivating content consistently.
Discover how our comprehensive approach can help you effectively communicate and thrive in the dynamic world of social media.


YouTube has become a significant player in the video production industry, and its importance is only set to increase. With the introduction of its multi-language audio dubbing feature, YouTube has broken down the language barrier that previously existed, making it easier for businesses and creators to reach a larger audience. This means that now, companies and creatives can upload one video in multiple languages, catering to a wider audience.
As a business owner, if you're not leveraging YouTube's potential for your brand's video marketing strategy, you're missing out on an opportunity to reach a wider audience. At ORBIS Production, we offer the best YouTube video production services to help you meet your project planning goals and deadlines. We specialize in creating engaging video series, ads, shorts, episodes, native promotions, blogger integrations, e-learning products, trainings, promo films, Netflix-style documentaries, and SEO-optimized videos for YouTube.

Our years of high-performance video production experience have lent us the expertise to create stunning, engaging YouTube videos that will effectively promote your brand.

In addition, we understand the techniques that can help your video rank in YouTube search results, ensuring it gets the views, the shares, and the recognition it deserves.
Having your own verified YouTube channel is essential if you're planning to use video content regularly as part of your social media marketing strategy. With a channel, you can centralize all your video content in one place and organize them into playlists by topic. By doing so, users can easily find them, along with your advertising videos, on your YouTube channel.
Italian Youtube video production company
At ORBIS Production, we believe that YouTube offers businesses of all sizes the most effective video distribution platform. Launching and growing a YouTube channel for your business offers a centralized library for all your content with an easy way for your audience to view and engage with your videos. We create videos specifically for the world's largest video sharing platform, ensuring your video is fully optimized to stand out.

Partnering with ORBIS Production – the leading Italian YouTube video production company, who operates all across Italy, Europe, and globally, can help you create high-quality video for commercial, business, or marketing needs. By leveraging the popularity of YouTube, you can reach your target audience and acquire new customers. ORBIS uses the newest and most advanced equipment, perfectly tuned lighting and sound, to increase the views of your video.
Using YouTube to expand your business can bring several advantages, such as:

  • Reach:
    If your target audience spends a considerable amount of time on YouTube, you can reach them more effectively by creating a presence on this platform.
  • Brand building:
    YouTube allows you to showcase your brand's personality and values through video content. By creating compelling and informative videos that resonate with your target audience, you can establish your brand as a thought leader in your industry and build brand loyalty among your followers.
  • Increased visibility:
    YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google, so having a presence on the platform can help increase your online visibility. By optimizing your videos for relevant keywords and including your business information in the video description, you can improve your chances of appearing in YouTube search results and reaching a wider audience.
  • Sales:
    Increasing engagement on YouTube can lead to obtaining new customers for your business.
  • Engagement:
    People tend to prefer watching videos instead of reading, which can increase their engagement with your content.
  • Preference:
    By being present on YouTube, your customers may find it more convenient to locate and engage with your brand.
  • Analytics and insights:
    YouTube provides detailed analytics and insights into your video performance, allowing you to measure the success of your content and make data-driven decisions about future video strategy. You can track metrics such as views, engagement, demographics, and traffic sources to understand who is watching your videos and how they are engaging with your brand.
YouTube is the future of video production services, and by partnering with a professional production company like ORBIS Production, you can create high-quality, optimized videos that will help you reach a wider audience.

With millions of viewers worldwide every day and new video content uploaded every minute on YouTube, it's important to ensure that your video stands out from the rest. Let us help you create stunning, engaging YouTube videos that will effectively promote your brand and help your business grow.

YouTube has become an integral part of businesses' marketing strategies as it offers a platform to showcase their products, services, and brand message to a vast audience. However, with so many businesses vying for attention on the platform, it's crucial to stand out with unique and engaging video content.
Here's how we can help businesses by creating various YouTube formats that align with their goals and audience:
Feature-long corporate films:
Long films on Youtube are perfect for storytelling and can captivate audiences with emotional narratives that align with a brand's values. Our team can create high-quality films that showcase a business's story, vision, and values in a compelling way.
Youtube Corporate videos:
Corporate videos are an excellent way to introduce a business to its audience, showcase its facilities, products, and services, and build brand recognition. We can create professional corporate videos that highlight a business's unique selling proposition and demonstrate its expertise.
Explainer videos are an effective way to educate the audience about a product, service, or concept. Our team can create concise and engaging explainer videos that simplify complex topics and make them easily understandable for viewers.
Interviews with industry experts or business leaders can add credibility to a brand and position it as a thought leader in its field. Our team can conduct interviews with industry experts, customers, or employees and produce high-quality videos that can educate and inform viewers.
Branded content:
Branded content is an excellent way to showcase a business's personality and values while entertaining its audience. We can create interesting branded content that aligns with a business's brand message and resonates with its audience.
Shorts are perfect for capturing the audience's attention quickly and sharing engaging content that can be easily consumed on-the-go. Our team can create shorts that showcase a business's products, services, or brand message in a creative and attention-grabbing way.
YouTube ads are a cost-effective way to reach a vast audience and drive conversions. Our team can create ads that align with a business's goals and target audience, using best practices to maximize their impact and reach.
YouTube series are an excellent way to build brand recognition, engage with the audience, and keep them coming back for more. Our team can create series that showcase a business's products, services, or expertise in a way that educates and entertains viewers.
Our team applies top video strategies to ensure that a business's videos stand out and reach their full potential.
Our youtube video strategies include the following:

  • Audience research:
    Understanding a business's target audience and creating videos that resonate with them.
  • Storytelling:
    Using storytelling techniques to capture the audience's attention and create emotional connections with the brand.
  • Brand consistency:
    Ensuring that all videos align with a business's brand message and visual identity.
  • Optimization:
    Optimizing videos for search engines and YouTube algorithms to increase their visibility and reach.
  • Promotion:
    Promoting videos on social media and other channels to increase their reach and engagement.
YouTube offers businesses a vast audience to showcase their brand, products, and services. Our team can create unique and engaging video content that aligns with a business's goals and audience using various YouTube formats and top video strategies.

If you are looking for a reliable long-term partner to create high-quality video content for your YouTube channel and social media video marketing strategy, ORBIS Production is the perfect fit for your business.

Whether you are an established brand or looking to kick off your YouTube channel from scratch, our team can help increase your presence and awareness on YouTube and social media.

We operate throughout Italy, Europe, the MENA region, and globally, providing a full range of high-performance youtube video production services.

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Instagram Video Production Company

Instagram (Meta) is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. With over one billion active users, Instagram has become a valuable tool for businesses to connect with their target audience and promote their products or services.
One of the most effective ways to do this is through Instagram video ads. Video ads have the power to reach a massive audience, especially as users are looking to discover new products and services.

If you're looking to grow your business and aren't sure how to make great Instagram video ads, read on.

One of the key characteristics of Instagram video production is vertical video. Reels and stories are all delivered monthly, providing businesses with revenue opportunities for video creation on social media.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to go vertical and make engaging video content for Instagram.

At ORBIS Production, we specialize in creating original, high-quality video ads designed explicitly for Instagram (Meta). Our creative team is experienced in crafting and executing social media reels, product videos, and marketing videos to showcase the best of your brand and reach your target audience on a global scale. We trade in attention and know-how to deepen relationships between brands, influencers, and their target audiences by co-creating with the best. From idea generation, storyboard, and script development, to production and distribution, our collaborative approach allows us to tell authentic and compelling stories that deliver measurable returns on investment.

One of the most significant benefits of working with a video production company for your Instagram Reels is that they have the experience and expertise to produce high-quality videos that will grab attention and help you stand out from the competition. They also have access to the latest technology and equipment, ensuring that your videos look professional and polished.
Additionally, a video production company can save you time and hassle by handling all the logistics involved in shooting and editing your videos. Finally, because we work with businesses of all sizes, we can tailor our production services to meet your specific needs.

It's important to note that Instagram video ads don't have to be made with the total budget of an explainer video. Short and engaging videos can be just as effective, if not more so, in promoting your product. Instagram videos are perfect for this purpose, as they are short and provide an excellent opportunity to showcase your product or service in a fun and engaging way.
User-generated content is another effective way to promote your brand on Instagram. This can include content submissions, testimonials, challenges, and member interviews. Encouraging your customers to create content about your brand can not only help you build a community around your product or service, but it can also provide you with a steady stream of high-quality content to share on your Instagram account.

Instagram video production is a powerful tool for businesses looking to strengthen their presence among their target audience.

At ORBIS Production, we specialize in creating original, high-quality video ads specifically designed for Instagram. From idea generation to distribution, our collaborative approach allows us to tell authentic and compelling stories that deliver measurable returns on investment.
Instagram video production company in Italy
With so much competition out there, it can be challenging to stand out.

That's where our Instagram video production services come in.
Here are the types of videos we create for brands and businesses globally:
  • Social Media Reels:
    Instagram Reels is a relatively new feature that allows users to create short-form videos set to music or other audio. Reels are similar to TikTok and have become one of the most popular ways to share engaging content on Instagram. Our creative team is experienced in crafting and executing social media Reels that showcase the best of your brand and reach your target audience on a global scale.
  • Product Videos:
    Product videos are an excellent way to showcase your products in action and give your audience an idea of what they can expect. Our video production team can help you create compelling product videos that highlight the features and benefits of your products, increasing your chances of converting viewers into customers.
  • Marketing Videos:
    Instagram marketing videos are designed to promote your brand or products and increase brand awareness. Our marketing videos are tailored to your brand and audience and are created with the goal of driving engagement, leads, and sales.
  • Story Videos:
    Instagram Stories are a popular way for brands to connect with their audience and provide a behind-the-scenes look at their business. Our team can help you create engaging story videos that showcase your brand's personality, values, and culture, ultimately building a stronger connection with your audience.
  • Reels, Content and Stories Delivered Monthly:
    At ORBIS Production, we understand the importance of consistency in your social media content. That's why we offer monthly delivery of Reels, Instagram content, and Stories that align with your brand and messaging. This ensures that your audience stays engaged and connected with your brand over time.
Our Instagram video production services provide brands and businesses with a range of video options designed to increase engagement, drive leads, and ultimately boost sales. We work closely with our clients to ensure that our videos align with their brand messaging and reach their target audience effectively.

With our experience and expertise, we can help your brand stand out on Instagram and achieve your business goals.

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TIKTOK Video Production Company

In the ever-evolving world of social media, TikTok has emerged as the go-to platform for brands to connect with Gen Z and create engaging video content. At ORBIS Production, we specialize in crafting beautiful and high-quality videos designed explicitly for TikTok, helping businesses like yours generate leads and succeed in the fast-paced digital landscape.
Why TikTok Matters for Your Business
TikTok has quickly become a powerhouse in the social media realm, attracting over 150 million Americans daily. Its diverse, creative, and hyper-engaged community presents a unique opportunity for brands to authentically engage with their target audience, discover new trends, and transform the path to purchase in modern retail.

Statistics speak volumes about the impact of TikTok. One in three people discovers new products on TikTok through brand videos, and an astounding 90% of users take action after seeing content on the platform, whether it's researching a brand, visiting a website, making a purchase, or downloading an app.

With Insider Intelligence predicting that TikTok will have over 955 million monthly users by 2025, it's clear that this global phenomenon is here to stay. TikTok's influence has already compelled other social media giants to imitate its format, with YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and Facebook Reels replicating its success. By leveraging TikTok, you not only tap into its innovative spirit but also gain the potential to repurpose your content on other platforms like YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels.
Creating TikTok Videos Made Easy
We understand that managing yet another social media account can be daunting. That's where we come in as your dedicated TikTok Agency and short-form video production company. At ORBIS Production, we simplify the content creation and distribution process, making it hassle-free for you to showcase your brand's uniqueness on TikTok.
Getting Started with TikTok Video Production
To embark on your TikTok journey, it's crucial to identify your target audience and determine the type of content that will resonate with them. This involves researching popular TikTok trends, analyzing successful brand strategies, and understanding the platform's dynamics.
Planning and Producing Engaging Videos
Once you have a clear understanding of your audience and content objectives, it's time to plan and produce your videos. Our team of experienced video producers, editors, and marketers will assist you every step of the way. We can help you create scripts or outlines, scout locations, gather props and equipment, and even collaborate with influencers or TikTok users to amplify your brand's reach.
Key Considerations for Shooting and Editing
When shooting and editing your TikTok videos, there are essential factors to keep in mind. As TikTok users have short attention spans, it's crucial to keep your videos concise, ranging from 15 seconds to a minute. Grabbing viewers' attention from the start is paramount.

Aesthetics also play a significant role in TikTok videos. Energetic and creative approaches, including special effects, filters, stickers, popular music, and high-quality footage, will make your videos stand out in the vast TikTok landscape.

Our team of experienced video producers, editors, and marketers understands the unique challenges of TikTok production. By closely collaborating with you, we ensure our videos resonate with your target audience, driving results and differentiating your brand in a crowded online marketplace.
Unlock the Potential of TikTok with ORBIS Production
At ORBIS Production, we are not just a TikTok Agency or a short-form video production company. We are your partners in unlocking the full potential of TikTok for your brand. Our team of creative minds and video production experts are dedicated to helping you stand out, connect with Gen Z, and drive tangible results through captivating TikTok videos.
Why Choose ORBIS Production for Your TikTok Video Production Needs?
  • Expertise in Gen Z Engagement:
    We understand the Gen Z audience like no one else. We stay up-to-date with the latest trends, challenges, and movements that matter to this dynamic generation. By harnessing our expertise, we can help your brand stay relevant, authentic, and connected to the pulse of TikTok.
  • Tailored Content Creation:
    We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Every brand is unique, and we take the time to understand your brand's identity, values, and target audience. This deep understanding allows us to create tailored TikTok content that aligns seamlessly with your brand's voice and resonates with your audience.
  • Cutting-Edge Production Techniques:
    Our team of content creators, videographers, and editors are equipped with the latest tools and techniques to bring your TikTok videos to life. We infuse your videos with energy, creativity, and visual appeal, ensuring that they captivate viewers from the very first second.
  • Collaborative Approach:
    We believe that the best results come from collaboration. Throughout the video production process, we work closely with you, incorporating your feedback and ideas. Together, we will craft TikTok videos that showcase your brand's unique story and leave a lasting impression on your audience.
Unlocking the Power of TikTok: Our Unique Video Production Process
Brand Discovery:
In our initial creative meeting, we dive deep into your brand's essence, values, and goals. Understanding your ideal customer is crucial to shaping an effective TikTok video strategy.
Creation Time:
Our content creators and strategists develop a comprehensive strategy and content plan tailored to your brand's target audience. Once approved, we set the stage for video production to begin.
Our skilled team brings your vision to life, capturing stunning visuals that highlight your products, services, or brand message. From scouting locations to capturing compelling footage, we take care of every detail.
Motion Design:
To elevate the storytelling experience, we add captivating motion design elements that enhance the narrative and engage viewers on a deeper level.
Our talented editors meticulously piece together all the creative elements, crafting a polished and professional TikTok video that aligns with your brand's aesthetic.
Delivery and Broadcast:
Once the final video is ready, we share it with you for approval. With your go-ahead, we help optimize its reach by strategically broadcasting it on TikTok, ensuring your message reaches the right audience at the right time.
Take the Leap with ORBIS Production
Now is the time to seize the immense opportunities that TikTok offers for your brand. Don't let the fear of managing another social media account hold you back. Partner with ORBIS Production, and let us handle the complexities of TikTok video production while you reap the rewards of increased brand awareness, engagement, and sales.

Contact us today to start your TikTok video production journey and unlock the full potential of this rapidly growing platform. Together, we'll create TikTok videos that leave a lasting impression and drive your brand's success in the Gen Z-dominated digital landscape.

Ready to make a splash on TikTok? Contact us now to ignite your brand's TikTok journey with ORBIS Production. Let's create captivating TikTok videos that propel your brand to new heights of success.
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In today's digital landscape, social media has become an indispensable tool for businesses to connect with their audience, build brand awareness, and drive tangible results. That's where ORBIS Production, a renowned social media management company, steps in to revolutionize your online presence. As we enter the year 2023, our multi-award-winning agency is at the forefront of social media marketing, offering a comprehensive range of services designed to elevate your brand to new heights.
Unleashing the Power of Social Media
At ORBIS Production, we believe that social media is not just about posting content sporadically. It's about crafting a cohesive strategy, maintaining unwavering consistency, and infusing every post with buckets of creativity. Our expert team understands the intricacies of managing social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, YouTube, and Pinterest, and we harness their potential to help businesses grow and meet their goals.
Comprehensive Social Media Management
When you partner with ORBIS Production, you gain access to our full suite of social media management services. We meticulously plan and curate top-performing social media campaigns that align with your brand's identity and objectives. From content creation to post scheduling and optimization, we take care of every aspect of your social media presence, ensuring maximum engagement and impact.
Crafting Impeccable Posts
Our team of skilled content creators understands the importance of creating visually stunning posts that capture attention and drive engagement. Through a combination of premium stock photography, custom-made graphics, or assets provided by your brand, we ensure that your posts look impeccable and align seamlessly with your brand's aesthetic.
Engaging Social Videos
Video content is the king of social media engagement, and we excel at creating captivating social videos. Leveraging our extensive database of high-definition stock videography, we produce videos that leave a lasting impression on your audience. From storytelling to product demonstrations, our videos are designed to maximize engagement and drive results.
Ultimate Control and Optimal Timing
We understand the significance of maintaining control over your social media presence. With ORBIS Production, you have the final say on what gets posted to your social accounts. We provide schedules of posts in advance, allowing you to provide feedback and ensure that your brand's voice is accurately reflected.

Additionally, our expert software enables us to determine the optimal time for your posts to go live. By strategically scheduling your content, we ensure that it reaches your target audience at the right moment, leading to increased engagement and visibility.
Harnessing the Influence of Social Media Influencers
As a global Influencer Marketing Agency, ORBIS Production has a proven track record of creating authentic, scalable, and ROI-oriented social media influencer campaigns. We partner with influencers on platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube to amplify your brand's reach and connect with your target audience on a deeper level.
Transparent Monthly Reporting
Transparency is key to understanding the impact of your social media efforts. That's why we provide detailed monthly reports that offer a clear look at the key metrics that matter most to your business. Whether it's audience growth, engagement, web clicks, or any other relevant metric, our reports provide actionable insights to drive continuous improvement.
Securing Influencer Contracts and Enhancing Content Creation
When it comes to influencer campaigns, we go the extra mile to ensure a seamless experience. We handle all the legal aspects, ensuring that influencers involved in your campaign sign agreements that outline their rights and obligations. Moreover, we collaborate with you to create concepts and content that resonate with the influencers' followers, sparking meaningful interactions and strengthening your brand's connection with the audience.
Take Your Social Media Presence to New Heights

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