ORBIS Production is the leading video production company in Italy for commercial and residential real estate filming.

Our best videographers in Milan, Rome, Naples, Turin and other Italian cities professionally film all kinds of real estate. You can order the following types of videos from us:
Filming hotels in Italy
Filming commercial real estate in Italy
Filming villas, houses and cottages in Italy
Filming the construction progress in Italy
Filming manufacturing facilities, warehouses, buildings in Italy
Filming 360 panoramas and virtual tours in Italy
Aerial photography of real estate in Italy
Filming all types of real estate in Italy
Filming restaurants in Italy
We don't just film real estate in Italy - our team creates inspiring stories about your business and does it with a wealth of experience, the latest filmmaking equipment as well as a deep understanding of business processes and marketing.
Our real estate video package in Italy offers adaptive videos ready for launching targeted advertising on all popular advertising platforms: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and TV.
ORBIS Production has been professionally filming commercial real estate all over Italy since 2009. Our videographers, scriptwriters, video analyzers, viewers, gaffers, drone pilots and other professionals don't create a simple real estate video but a full-fledged marketing tool that will help you to achieve your goals. Our team produces unique real estate videos, from scripting to final distribution.
Our Video Gallery
ORBIS Production is headquartered in Milan and we also have an office in Rome. As a result, our cameramen are extremely mobile and can shoot professional videos anywhere in Italy.
COVID-19 update: In 2020, the global pandemic changed the usual workflow of video production in Italy. ORBIS Production follows all internal health security protocols during each video production project. We take care of our employees' health and follow all precautions recommended by the Italian Ministry of Health, as well as the guidelines of European film associations.

To order professional video production services in Milan, Rome, Turin, Venice, Como, Palermo, Naples, Bari, Verona or any other city in Italy, please contact us and describe your project. Our video production managers will reply within one hour and send you a detailed commercial estimate.