ORBIS Production stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of hospitality and restaurant video production across Italy. Renowned for our award-winning studio's distinctive modern travel content, our partnerships with leading global hospitality brands underscore our mission to redefine industry standards and narrate captivating destination tales.

At ORBIS, our philosophy transcends the conventional boundaries of hospitality video production. We believe that every hotel and resort embodies a unique narrative, a living, breathing entity that offers more than just a temporary shelter—it offers a gateway to a world of experiences. Our approach to luxury hotel video production is holistic, focusing on capturing the soul of your establishment. From the majestic first impression upon arrival to the intricate beauty of accommodations, the exceptional range of amenities, the exquisite culinary offerings, spa and wellness sanctuaries, and the allure of local attractions, our videos are designed to do more than just display; they are crafted to enchant and engage, inviting travelers to immerse themselves fully in the story of your hotel.
In the realm of culinary arts, ORBIS stands at the forefront, illuminating the path with our expertise. Working alongside esteemed partners such as The MICHELIN Guide, we transcend traditional food videography. Our creations are not merely visual representations of food and drink; they are emotive pieces that weave together flavor, ambiance, and narrative, celebrating the meticulous artistry behind each creation. Our videos are an ode to the culinary journey, meticulously crafted to captivate the senses and ignite the imagination, inviting viewers on an epicurean adventure that delights and inspires.
Hospitality video production company in Italy
Hospitality Video Production Company in Italy
Our expertise in video production spans the vast spectrum of the hospitality industry. From the intimate charm of boutique and lifestyle hotels to the distinctive appeal of independent collections, ORBIS crafts visual stories that echo the desires of modern travelers in search of unique, personalized experiences. Our content delves into the essence of each location, highlighting the vibrant local culture, gastronomy, and artisanal crafts, forging a deep connection between guests and the heart of the destination. Through our lens, every aspect of hospitality is celebrated, creating a rich tapestry that narrates the diverse and dynamic spirit of travel and accommodation.
At ORBIS, we are dedicated to redefining the visual language of hospitality, elevating hotels, resorts, and culinary experiences into art forms that speak to the heart of the traveler. Our commitment to excellence, combined with a deep understanding of the hospitality industry, allows us to create content that is not only visually stunning but also strategically designed to enhance engagement, bookings, and the overall guest experience. Join us on this journey of discovery, and let us help you unveil the true essence of your hospitality brand to the world.
The Art of Storytelling in Travel and Tourism
Our travel and tourism video productions go beyond mere visuals. They are narratives that capture the imagination, share unparalleled experiences, and inspire wanderlust. For Visitor Bureaus and DMOs, our content is a call to action, compelling viewers to explore, experience, and cherish the memories they’ll make.
A Symphony of Services: From Pre-Production to Social Media Mastery
ORBIS offers an end-to-end service palette, encompassing pre-production creativity, on-location shooting excellence, and post-production magic. Our approach integrates seamlessly with your marketing strategies, leveraging social media and digital platforms to ensure your message not only reaches but resonates with your audience.
Since our establishment in 2009 in Milan, ORBIS Production has garnered numerous awards and established itself as a dynamic and vibrant full-service commercial and brand media production company. While our headquarters are in Milan, Italy, we have production teams spread across Rome, Florence, Genoa, Turin, Cortina d'Ampezzo, Trento, and beyond. Our reach extends internationally, with teams in Paris, Vienna, Zurich, Singapore, Dubai, Seoul, and LA.

What Sets ORBIS Apart in the Realm of Hospitality Video Production in Italy
For over a decade and a half, ORBIS has immersed itself in the world of hospitality, garnering unparalleled insights and fostering innovation at every turn. Our journey through the hotel sector has not just been about creating videos; it's been about telling stories. These are not mere promotional tools; they are the visual embodiment of your brand's soul and essence. Esteemed by globally renowned hotel brands for our distinctive, engaging, and impactful content, ORBIS stands as a beacon of creativity in hospitality video production.

Our commitment goes beyond the conventional. We dive deep into the fabric of your brand, weaving narratives that do more than just attract viewers—they resonate on a personal level, leaving a lasting impression. With ORBIS, you're not just hiring a production company; you're partnering with storytellers who understand the power of visual communication in the hospitality industry. Let us bring your brand's story to life, creating content that not only stands out but stands the test of time.
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In the ever-evolving landscape of hospitality marketing, video stands out as a powerful medium to convey the essence, charm, and uniqueness of your brand. ORBIS Production, a leader in hospitality and restaurant video production across Italy, leverages a spectrum of video types to cater to diverse marketing needs. Here, we delve deeper into the most impactful video formats, each tailored to illuminate various facets of your establishment in captivating detail.
In a world where the digital landscape is ever-evolving, ORBIS Production remains at the forefront, ready to encapsulate the essence of your hospitality brand in Italy. With a keen eye for detail, a passion for storytelling, and a commitment to excellence, we invite you to embark on a visual journey that will elevate your brand, engage your audience, and inspire the traveler in everyone.

If your vision is to transcend the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary, ORBIS Production is your key to unlocking the potential of video in the hospitality industry. Contact us today to begin crafting your visual legacy.
Hospitality video production company in Italy
Hospitality video production company in Italy
In the ever-evolving landscape of hospitality marketing, video stands out as a powerful medium to convey the essence, charm, and uniqueness of your brand. ORBIS Production, a leader in hospitality and restaurant video production across Italy, leverages a spectrum of video types to cater to diverse marketing needs. Here, we delve deeper into the most impactful video formats, each tailored to illuminate various facets of your establishment in captivating detail.

Hotel Commercials: The Epitome of Elegance and Invitation
Hotel commercials are the quintessence of hospitality marketing, offering a concise yet profound glimpse into the luxurious realms of your property. Crafted with cinematic quality, these commercials are designed to enchant viewers, showcasing the splendor of accommodations, the richness of dining experiences, and the serenity of spa services. ORBIS Production excels in creating hotel commercials that are not just advertisements but are cinematic journeys, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the unparalleled experiences your hotel offers. These videos are pivotal for brand positioning, crafted to capture the imagination of potential guests and transport them into a world where every detail echoes luxury and comfort.
Testimonial Videos: Authentic Voices, Genuine Experiences
Testimonial videos serve as a bridge of trust between potential guests and your property by featuring real stories from satisfied customers. These videos are a testament to the memorable experiences guests have had, offering prospective visitors a glimpse into the genuine quality and service excellence they can expect. ORBIS Production captures these authentic endorsements in a manner that resonates with viewers, weaving personal narratives with scenic visuals of your property to create a compelling case for why your hotel or restaurant stands out from the rest.
Recruiting Videos: Crafting the Team Behind the Scenes
In the hospitality industry, the strength and spirit of your team are as crucial as the luxury of your facilities. Recruiting videos by ORBIS Production spotlight your establishment as an esteemed workplace, highlighting the culture, values, and opportunities within. These videos are strategic tools in attracting top-tier talent, showcasing the camaraderie, professional growth, and the unique working environment your brand offers. Through inspiring stories and behind-the-scenes glimpses, we help you build a narrative that not only attracts potential employees but also enhances your brand image as an employer of choice.
Behind-the-Scenes (BTS) Videos: Unveiling the Magic
Behind-the-scenes videos offer an exclusive peek into the meticulous effort and passion that goes into delivering exceptional hospitality experiences. From the kitchen's bustling environment to the calm precision of room preparation, these videos celebrate the dedication and craftsmanship of your staff. ORBIS Production specializes in capturing these candid moments, showcasing the attention to detail and love that permeates every aspect of your service. BTS videos are an excellent way to humanize your brand, foster a deeper connection with your audience, and share the story of the people who make your guests' stay unforgettable.
Event Highlight Reels: Capturing the Essence of Celebration
Event highlight reels are dynamic videos that capture the essence and energy of events hosted at your venue. Whether it's a lavish wedding, a corporate gala, or an intimate gathering, ORBIS Production skillfully encapsulates the atmosphere, the joy, and the unique elements that make each event special. These reels are not just memories for those who attended; they are also powerful marketing tools that showcase your venue’s capability to host and enhance various events, appealing to future clients looking to create their own memorable moments.
Culinary and Beverage Showcases: A Feast for the Senses
For restaurants and hotels with a culinary focus, culinary and beverage showcase videos are indispensable. These visual feasts highlight the artistry behind each dish, the freshness of the ingredients, and the ambiance of the dining experience. ORBIS Production’s approach to these videos is to tell a story — one that begins in the local markets, journeys through the passionate preparation in the kitchen, and culminates in the exquisite presentation at the table. These videos not only whet the appetite but also serve as a testament to the culinary excellence and unique dining experiences your brand promises.
Virtual Tours: Immersive Exploration
Virtual tours are a cutting-edge addition to the hospitality video arsenal, offering potential guests an immersive experience of your property from the comfort of their homes. These tours are meticulously crafted to showcase the elegance of your accommodations, the breadth of your amenities, and the unique charm of your locale. ORBIS Production utilizes the latest in 360-degree video technology to create engaging, interactive tours that allow viewers to explore every nook and cranny, ensuring they can truly envision themselves in your space. This innovative approach not only captivates potential guests but also significantly enhances your website's engagement metrics, making it a potent tool for SEO.
Lifestyle Videos: Crafting Your Brand's Story
Lifestyle videos go beyond mere visuals to encapsulate the ethos and ambiance of your brand. These videos paint a picture of the lifestyle that guests can expect to enjoy during their stay, whether it's serene relaxation, adventurous activities, or gourmet dining experiences. ORBIS Production excels in producing lifestyle videos that resonate with your target audience, effectively communicating the unique experience your brand offers. By appealing to the emotions and aspirations of viewers, these videos play a crucial role in building a strong, relatable brand identity.
The MICHELIN Guide Restaurants: A Culinary Journey
For restaurants that have earned the prestigious recognition of the MICHELIN Guide, culinary journey videos are a must-have. These videos highlight the exceptional quality, creativity, and dedication behind each dish that has garnered MICHELIN recognition. ORBIS Production approaches these projects with the reverence they deserve, capturing the intricate details of the culinary process, from the selection of ingredients to the artful presentation of dishes. Through these videos, we tell the story of your restaurant's commitment to excellence, inviting viewers to experience dining at its finest. This not only serves to attract discerning foodies but also enhances the restaurant's prestige and online presence.
FAQ Videos: Engaging and Informative
FAQ videos offer an engaging way to address common questions and concerns potential guests might have about your property. From booking processes to safety protocols, these videos provide clear, concise information, building trust and transparency with your audience. ORBIS Production creates FAQ videos that are both informative and visually appealing, ensuring that they serve as an effective tool for communication while enhancing your brand's image.
Sustainability Stories: Showcasing Eco-friendly Practices
In today's eco-conscious world, sustainability stories are increasingly important. These videos highlight your brand's commitment to sustainable practices, from energy-efficient operations to locally sourced dining and beyond. ORBIS Production crafts these stories to showcase your efforts in a positive light, connecting with guests who value environmental stewardship. By highlighting your sustainability initiatives, these videos not only bolster your brand's reputation but also appeal to a broader audience who prioritizes eco-friendly travel options.
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Questions and Answers

What cities in Italy does ORBIS Production serve for hotel and restaurant video production?
ORBIS Production offers comprehensive hotel and restaurant video production services across Italy, including but not limited to Milan, Rome, Venice, Florence, Naples, Genoa, Turin, Siena, Bologna, Palermo, Forte dei Marmi, Como, Porto Cervo, Portofino, Positano, Amalfi, Bolzano, Dolomites and Catania. Our services are designed to cater to the unique needs of the hospitality industry in every corner of Italy, from the bustling streets of Milan to the historic alleys of Rome and the serene canals of Venice.
How can ORBIS Production help increase bookings for our hotel or restaurant in Italian cities like Florence and Naples?
In cities renowned for their rich culture and history, such as Florence and Naples, ORBIS Production leverages the unique charm and beauty of these locations to create captivating video content. Our bespoke video production services are tailored to showcase the best of your hotel or restaurant, highlighting key amenities, culinary excellence, and the unique experiences guests can enjoy. By engaging potential guests with visually stunning narratives, we aim to drive bookings and enhance your online presence.
Are there specific video production services for luxury hotels and resorts in destinations like Venice and Siena?
Yes, ORBIS Production specializes in creating bespoke video content for luxury hotels and resorts in iconic destinations such as Venice and Siena. Our luxury hotel video production services include cinematic commercials, virtual tours, and lifestyle videos that capture the essence of luxury and elegance. These videos are crafted to entice and inspire potential guests, showcasing the unparalleled experiences your luxury establishment offers against the backdrop of Italy's exquisite cities.
Can ORBIS Production assist with video marketing for boutique hotels and independent restaurants in cities like Genoa and Turin?
Absolutely. ORBIS Production is adept at producing creative and engaging video content for boutique hotels and independent restaurants in Genoa, Turin, and beyond. Our approach focuses on highlighting the unique personality, design, and culinary offerings of your property. Through captivating storytelling and visual artistry, we help boutique establishments stand out in the competitive Italian hospitality market.
What type of video content does ORBIS Production recommend for promoting culinary experiences in Italian cities like Bologna and Palermo?
For cities celebrated for their culinary heritage, such as Bologna and Palermo, ORBIS Production recommends a blend of culinary journey videos, testimonial videos showcasing guest experiences, and behind-the-scenes looks into the kitchen's creativity and passion. These videos not only highlight the gastronomic excellence of your restaurant but also immerse potential guests in the rich culinary traditions of Italy's renowned food capitals.
How does ORBIS Production ensure that video content for hotels and restaurants in Italy is optimized for search engines?
ORBIS Production employs a comprehensive SEO strategy for all video content, incorporating relevant keywords related to the hospitality industry, Italian cities (Milan, Rome, Venice, Florence, etc.), and specific services (hotel video production, restaurant marketing, etc.). By optimizing video titles, descriptions, and tags with these keywords, and ensuring content is engaging and informative, we enhance your visibility on search engines, attracting more potential guests to your establishment.
In the fast-paced world of hospitality, standing out is not just an option—it's a necessity. ORBIS Production is here to transform your vision into reality with state-of-the-art hospitality video production services. Whether you're a luxury hotel in the heart of Rome, a boutique resort on the shores of Lake Como, or a culinary gem in the bustling streets of Naples, our bespoke video content is your key to capturing the essence of your brand and connecting with your audience on a deeper level.

Our expert team specializes in crafting tailor-made video content that not only tells your unique story but also optimizes your online presence through strategic SEO. From immersive virtual tours and enticing culinary showcases to heartfelt guest testimonials and behind-the-scenes journeys, we create videos that inspire, engage, and compel action.

Don't let your brand blend into the background. Seize the opportunity to showcase the beauty, luxury, and unique experiences you offer. With ORBIS Production, you're not just creating a video; you're opening the door to endless possibilities, inviting guests from around the world to explore what makes your property exceptional.

Ready to elevate your online visibility and attract more guests? Contact ORBIS Production today to discover how our bespoke hospitality video production services can transform your digital marketing strategy and set your brand apart in the competitive Italian hospitality market. Whether you're in Milan, Venice, Florence, or any other picturesque location across Italy, we're here to bring your vision to life.

Visit our website to explore our portfolio and learn more about our services. Reach out to our team for a consultation and embark on a journey to captivate and enchant your future guests. With ORBIS Production, your brand's potential is limitless.

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