Aputure LS 600X Pro

Introducing the Aputure LS 600x Pro LED Monolight, a pinnacle of lighting technology that stands unmatched in the realm of film and photography lighting. As a seasoned producer with over 15 years of experience and the owner of ORBIS Production, I've seen firsthand the transformative impact that top-tier lighting can have on a project. The Aputure LS 600x Pro isn't just a light; it's a game-changer for filmmakers, photographers, and content creators across Italy and beyond.

Unmatched Technical Excellence

The Aputure LS 600x Pro LED Monolight is designed to meet the most demanding lighting needs. With a variable color temperature range from 2700K to 6500K, it offers unparalleled flexibility, ensuring perfect color accuracy for any scene. The fixture's high CRI (Color Rendering Index) of ≥96 and TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index) of ≥98 guarantees that colors are rendered with precision, making it an ideal choice for both outdoor and studio settings.

This lighting powerhouse provides an impressive output of 5,610 lux at 3 meters with its native Hyper-Reflector, and an astonishing 18,510 lux at the same distance with the F10 Fresnel attachment, in a 15° spot. Such high illuminance levels are pivotal for capturing intricate details and creating dramatic effects, all while maintaining the flexibility of a bi-color light source.

Revolutionary Features for Creative Freedom

The Aputure LS 600x Pro is equipped with a range of features designed to empower creative professionals. Its weather-resistant construction makes it suitable for challenging outdoor shoots, ensuring reliability in any condition. The light offers two output modes: Max Output for the highest illuminance and Constant Output for maintaining luminance levels while changing CCT.

Professional control is at the core of the LS 600x Pro, with options for on-board control, 2.4G remote, DMX512, and compatibility with the Sidus Link® app, offering flexibility and ease of use for lighting technicians. The inclusion of 9 built-in lighting effects, such as "Paparazzi" and "Fireworks," adds versatility to any production, allowing for creative storytelling.

ORBIS Production: Elevating Projects to New Heights

At ORBIS Production, we understand the complexities of film and photography projects. Our bilingual and highly skilled crews, including 1AC, 2AC, DIT, 1AD, 2AD, Gaffers, Key Grips, Camera Technicians, Art Department, VFX supervisors, and Italy's finest DOPs and directors, are ready to support projects of any size and complexity.
With offices in major Italian cities like Milan, Rome, Venice, Florence, and others, ORBIS offers comprehensive rental services, including the Aputure LS 600x Pro. Our services extend beyond equipment rental to include production support, insurance, and logistics, ensuring your project's success from conception to completion.

The Aputure LS 600x Pro LED Monolight in Italy, available through ORBIS Rental House, is the perfect choice for filmmakers, photographers, and creatives seeking the best in lighting technology. With our expert teams and state-of-the-art equipment, ORBIS Production is poised to bring your vision to life, offering unparalleled support across Italy.
In the dynamic world of film and photography, the Aputure LS 600x Pro LED Monolight, coupled with ORBIS Production's unparalleled service and expertise, stands as a beacon of quality and innovation. Let us illuminate your next project with precision, creativity, and professionalism, setting new standards in the industry.

Expanding on the unparalleled capabilities of the Aputure LS 600x Pro LED Monolight, this cutting-edge lighting solution brings additional features that set it apart in the professional lighting market. The LS 600x Pro not only boasts a broad color temperature range and high output but also introduces advanced functionalities like the 0.1% stepless dimming control. This precision allows filmmakers to fine-tune the lighting with exactitude, essential for creating the perfect ambiance for any scene.

Moreover, the LS 600x Pro's durability is enhanced by its weather-resistant design, featuring waterproof fans and sealed internal structures. This robust construction ensures that the light performs reliably, even in the most challenging weather conditions, making it a versatile choice for shooting in varied environments across Italy and beyond.

The light's Bowens Mount compatibility opens up a world of creative possibilities, allowing the use of a wide array of modifiers to shape and control the light to suit any creative vision. This feature, combined with the light's built-in wireless control options, including Sidus Link, Art-net, and LumenRadio CRMX, makes the LS 600x Pro an indispensable tool for creative professionals seeking maximum control and flexibility.

Your Project, Illuminated by ORBIS Production

With ORBIS Production's extensive network spanning Italy's most picturesque and vibrant cities – from Milan's bustling streets to Rome's historic allure, the romantic canals of Venice, the artistic heart of Florence, to the vibrant landscapes of Naples and beyond – we ensure your project is supported no matter the location. Our rental service, inclusive of the advanced Aputure LS 600x Pro, is tailored to meet the demands of any production, supported by our bilingual, highly skilled crew and comprehensive production services.

Whether you're capturing the essence of Turin, exploring the ancient beauty of Genoa, or setting your sights on the luxurious vistas of Como and Capri, ORBIS Production provides unparalleled rental services. Our reach extends to the sun-soaked shores of Positano, the vibrant streets of Bologna, the historic charm of Verona and Parma, and even the tranquil beauty of Barolo and Lido. No corner of Italy is beyond our service range, from the culinary wonders of Modena to the architectural marvels of Udine and the Alpine beauty of Bolzano.

Elevate your next film or photography project with ORBIS Production's rental services, featuring the remarkable Aputure LS 600x Pro LED Monolight. From Milan to Salerno, Reggio Emilia to Monza, and every city in between – Pescara, Novara, Lucca, Cremona, Pavia, Pistoia, and more – we've got Italy covered. Trust us to bring your creative vision to life with our expert crews, comprehensive support, and the unmatched quality of Aputure lighting.

Ready to illuminate your project with precision and artistry? Contact ORBIS Production today for your lighting rental needs across Italy. From pre-production to post, in cities like Milan, Rome, Venice, Naples, Florence, Bologna, and beyond, we are your premier partner in creating visually stunning content. Light up your next project with ORBIS Production – where creativity meets cutting-edge technology.