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Whether you're shooting a TVC or a feature film in the bustling streets of Milan, capturing the timeless beauty of Rome, or documenting the serene landscapes of Tuscany, ORBIS Rental House is here to support your creative vision with our extensive inventory of professional cinema, film and video equipment. With just a few clicks, you can select from the latest cameras, lens sets, drones, and lighting equipment and have your order delivered directly to your location anywhere in Italy, accompanied by our expert technical team.
Wide Range of Premium Equipment at Your Fingertips
Our user-friendly online platform offers an unparalleled selection of high-end camera equipment to meet every production need:
  • Cameras:
    Choose from leading brands like ARRI, RED, Sony, and Canon, including popular models such as the ARRI Alexa 35, ARRI Alexa Mini LF, RED V-Raptor, RED V-Raptor XL, Sony Venice 2, Canon C500, and many more.
  • Lens Sets:
    Enhance your visual storytelling with our wide selection of lenses, including ARRI Signature Primes, Zeiss Master Primes, ARRI Master Primes, Atlas Anamorphics, Cooke, Panchro Classic, Angenieux Zoom Optimom Style, Cooke S7,, and Cooke S4/i lenses.
  • Drones:
    Elevate your aerial cinematography with our range of drones, from the versatile DJI Mavic 3 Cine series to the DJI Inspire 3 and the heavy-lifting Freefly ALTA X, ready to capture breathtaking vistas.
  • Lighting:
    Illuminate your scenes perfectly with our comprehensive range of lighting equipment, featuring brands like Aputure 1200d, 600x, 600c, ARRI Skypanels, Kino Flo, and Litepanels.
ORBIS makes renting equipment easy and stress-free:
  • Browse and Select
    Our intuitive online shop lets you easily browse and select the equipment you need for your project.
  • Expert Support
    Not sure what you need? Our dedicated account managers are here to assist you with gear recommendations and to tailor a rental package that fits your project's requirements.
  • Convenient Delivery
    With locations in Milan, Rome, Florence, Venice, Turin, Naples, Genoa, Bari, Como, Padua, Verona, and beyond, we guarantee timely delivery of your equipment anywhere in Italy. Our technical team will ensure everything is set up and ready to go so that you can focus on your creative work.
  • Individual Approach
    Our company works according to the principle of individual approach to every client. This method allows us to achieve success in problems of all levels.
Why Choose ORBIS Production Rental House?
  • Quality and Reliability
    We maintain our equipment to the highest standards, ensuring reliability and performance on set.
  • Expertise and Support
    Our experienced technicians and support staff are available to assist you throughout your rental period, offering technical guidance and troubleshooting if needed.
  • Flexibility and Coverage
    With the ability to deliver to any location in Italy, ORBIS provides the flexibility your production demands, backed by our comprehensive support network.


Can I rent professional video camera and film equipment from ORBIS Production Rental House in Milan?
Absolutely! ORBIS Rental House offers a wide range of professional cinema gear, video cameras, and film equipment for rent in Milan and across Italy. From high-end cameras like ARRI Alexa 35, Sony Venice 2, and RED V-Raptor 8K to comprehensive lens sets and lighting solutions, we have everything you need for your production in Milan.
Do you offer equipment delivery and technical support in Rome?
Yes, we provide equipment delivery and on-site technical support in Rome, ensuring your production runs smoothly. Our expert team is available to assist with setup, operation, and troubleshooting, allowing you to focus on capturing stunning visuals.
I'm shooting in Venice. Can ORBIS Production Rental House supply drones for aerial cinematography?
Certainly! ORBIS offers a selection of drones suitable for various types of aerial cinematography in Venice and beyond. Whether you're capturing the historic canals or scenic landscapes, our drones, including the DJI Inspire 3, Mavic 3 Cine series and Freefly ALTA X, are perfect for the job. We also ensure compliance with local regulations for drone flights.
What kind of equipment is available for rent in Florence?
Our Florence inventory includes the latest digital cinema cameras, lenses, gimbals, lighting, grip equipment, and more from leading brands such as Sony, Canon, Blackmagic, and Zeiss. Whether you're working on a feature film, commercial, or documentary, we've got the equipment to meet your creative needs in Florence.
How does ORBIS Production Rental House support film productions in Naples?
In Naples, ORBIS supports film productions with not only a vast array of rental equipment but also logistical planning, permit acquisition assistance, and bilingual technical crews for seamless production experiences. Our dedication to customer service ensures your project in Naples is successful from start to finish.
Can ORBIS provide equipment rental services in smaller cities and remote locations in Italy?
Yes, ORBIS Production Rental House serves the entire Italian territory, including smaller cities and remote locations. Our commitment to providing comprehensive rental services means we deliver the equipment you need, wherever your production takes you in Italy.
Why choose ORBIS Production Rental House for my production's equipment needs?
Choosing ORBIS means selecting a partner dedicated to supporting your production with high-quality equipment, expert advice, and unparalleled customer service. With our vast inventory, nationwide coverage, and experienced technical teams, ORBIS is your premier choice for film and video equipment rental in Italy.
How can I get a quote for my equipment rental needs in Italy?
Getting a quote is easy! Contact us through our website, email, or phone, providing details about your production and equipment needs. Our dedicated account managers will work with you to create a customized rental package that fits your project's requirements and budget.
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