Cooke S8

In the world of filmmaking, where every frame and moment of shooting demands perfection, the choice of lenses plays a pivotal role. We understand the critical nature of selecting the right equipment for every project. That's why ORBIS Production is proud to offer the Cooke S8/i FF Rental in Italy, a flagship series of Cooke prime lenses optimized for both digital and film cameras.

Cooke S8/i FF: Unparalleled Excellence in Optics

Our Cooke S8/i FF series covers a comprehensive range of focal lengths from 18mm to 135mm, with 11 prime lenses currently available (18, 25, 27, 32, 35, 40, 50, 65, 75, 100, and 135mm). Designed for full-frame sensors, these lenses come with either PL or LPL mounts and boast a lightning-fast T1.4 aperture across most focal lengths, making them among the fastest lenses available for larger than full-frame capture.

All-Spherical Design for Organic Imagery

The Cooke S8/i FF lenses are crafted with an all-spherical design, producing a cinematic quality that's organic and emotive. This design ensures minimal color fringing and a smooth, spherical bokeh, allowing for images with a high degree of dimensionality.

Lightweight, Compact, and Smart

Despite their strength and durability, the Cooke S8/i FF lenses are lightweight and agile, designed to be easily handled in a variety of shooting situations. They incorporate Cooke's latest intelligent /i technology, providing vital lens data that enhances both the shooting experience and post-production workflow.

Precision Engineering for Filmmakers

Each lens in the Cooke S8/i FF series is handcrafted, combining modern and traditional techniques to achieve unparalleled precision. These lenses are not only color balanced and matched for uniformity but also feature a scratch-resistant PTFE hard-anodized finish to withstand demanding conditions.

ORBIS Production: Your Partner in Italy

ORBIS Production, with our impeccable bilingual teams including 1AC, 2AC, DIT, 1AD, 2AD, Gaffers, Key Grips, Camera Technicians, Art Department, VFX, and more, is uniquely positioned to support projects of any size and complexity in Italy. Our extensive inventory, including the Cooke S8/i FF series, ensures that we have the right equipment for your project. Our collaboration extends beyond equipment rental to include best Italian DOPs and directors, making your vision a reality with unparalleled creativity and technical expertise.

In a landscape where technology and artistry intersect, ORBIS Production stands at the forefront, ready to bring your creative vision to life with the Cooke S8/i FF series. Let's create breathtaking imagery together, capturing the essence of every story with precision, beauty, and the unmistakable Cooke Look®.

As the premier film rental house in Italy, ORBIS Rental House is dedicated to delivering an exceptional selection of cinematography lenses to filmmakers across the country. Our Cooke S8/i FF lens series stands as a testament to our commitment to quality, innovation, and the art of filmmaking. Beyond the remarkable specifications of the Cooke S8/i FF lenses detailed earlier, it's essential to highlight the seamless integration and functionality these lenses offer to filmmakers, ensuring that every project benefits from the highest standards of visual storytelling.

Seamless Integration Across Italian Landscapes

Whether shooting the bustling streets of Milan or the historic vistas of Rome, the Cooke S8/i FF lenses offer unparalleled clarity, color fidelity, and artistic expression. In Venice's labyrinthine canals, Naples' vibrant markets, Florence's Renaissance architecture, or Turin's modern skyline, these lenses capture the essence of each location with unmatched precision and beauty. From the rugged coastlines of Genoa and Como to the chic allure of Capri and Positano, filmmakers can rely on the Cooke S8/i FF's superior performance to bring their vision to life.

A Versatile Solution for Every Italian Locale

The versatility of the Cooke S8/i FF lenses makes them ideal for a wide range of production needs. Whether it's a commercial shoot in the fashionable streets of Milan, a feature film set against the ancient backdrop of Rome, a documentary capturing the unique charm of smaller towns like Siena, Padua, and Verona, or a music video showcasing the scenic beauty of Lake Como, Lido, or the vineyards of Barolo, ORBIS Rental House provides the necessary tools to elevate your project.

State-of-the-Art Features for Creative Excellence

With features such as the advanced /i technology system, filmmakers can access vital lens data, enhancing both on-set efficiency and post-production workflows. The uniform color balance across the S8/i FF series ensures consistency in visual storytelling, while the scratch-resistant PTFE hard-anodized finish guarantees durability in the demanding Italian filming environments, from the snowy peaks of Bolzano to the sunny shores of Salerno and Cagliari.

Your Italian Production Partner

ORBIS Rental House stands ready to support your production with our comprehensive inventory and expert teams in every major Italian city and picturesque locale, including but not limited to Bologna, Bari, Messina, Trieste, Modena, Bergamo, Brescia, Varese, Perugia, Reggio Emilia, Monza, Pescara, Novara, Udine, Lucca, Cremona, Pavia, Pistoia, and beyond.

For filmmakers looking to bring their cinematic visions to life in Italy, ORBIS Rental House is your trusted partner. From the ancient streets of Rome to the modern elegance of Milan, and the stunning landscapes of Venice, Naples, Florence, and beyond, our Cooke S8/i FF lenses and unparalleled production support ensure your project is realized with the utmost quality and creativity. Discover the perfect blend of tradition and innovation with ORBIS Rental House – where your Italian filmmaking journey begins.