Canon K35 TLS


We take immense pride in presenting our exclusive set of Canon K35 TLS lenses 18-24-35-55-95-135 mm in Italy available for rent at ORBIS. These aren't just lenses; they are the epitome of cinematic excellence, encapsulating over 40 years of filmmaking history, innovation, and artistry. This detailed description underscores the technical prowess, unique features, and unparalleled capabilities of the Canon K35 TLS set, highlighting how ORBIS Production, with our unmatched bilingual teams and comprehensive services, can elevate your project, irrespective of its scope or complexity.

The Canon K35 TLS Lens Set: A Symphony of Optical Mastery

Exceptional Technical Specifications:

The Canon K35 TLS lens set comprises focal lengths from 18mm to 135mm, covering full-frame sensors with impeccable precision. These lenses are rehoused by True Lens Services (TLS), enhancing their durability and functionality for the demanding environments of modern filmmaking. Each lens features a 330-degree focus throw, matching 110mm fronts, and uniform positions for focus and iris gears, ensuring consistency across the board. The set's pièce de résistance, the 45mm f1.4 (T1.6), perfectly bridges the gap between the 35mm and 55mm, maintaining the set's exquisite color, contrast, and bokeh uniformity.

Unrivaled Optical Characteristics:

Canon K35 TLS lenses are celebrated for their low contrast, superb close-focus ability, and a 15-blade iris that guarantees soft, circular bokeh. Their aspherical design, a cornerstone of their Academy Award for innovation in 1977, allows for exceptional performance at wide apertures. These lenses are known for their gentle focus fall-off and produce stunning pastel skin-tones, with flares in a mesmerizing mix of gold, amber, and magenta. The warm, vintage look combined with modern optical performance makes them ideal for capturing the human condition in its most genuine form.

Versatile Applications:

From the sweeping landscapes of the Italian countryside to the intricate details of urban life in cities like Milan, Rome, and Venice, the Canon K35 TLS lenses adapt flawlessly, capturing every scene with an unmatched cinematic quality. Their design excels in a variety of lighting conditions, making them suitable for everything from big-budget features to independent documentaries, music videos, and commercials.

ORBIS Production: Elevating Your Vision

At ORBIS Rental House, we understand that achieving cinematic greatness extends beyond superior equipment. It requires a harmonious blend of technical expertise, creative vision, and seamless collaboration. Our services are designed to support filmmakers at every stage of the production process, ensuring your project not only meets but exceeds expectations.

Bilingual Expert Teams:

Our dedicated teams, including bilingual 1AC, 2AC, DIT, 1AD, 2AD, Gaffers, Key Grips, Camera Technicians, Art Department, and VFX supervisors, boast impeccable bilingual proficiency, bridging language barriers and fostering a cohesive production environment. This synergy is crucial in realizing the vision of both international and local filmmakers, including collaborations with Italy's finest DOPs and directors.

Comprehensive Support Services:

ORBIS Production offers a full spectrum of production services, from equipment rental, including our prized Canon K35 TLS lenses, to production planning, insurance, and technical crew provision. We pride ourselves on our ability to customize our services to fit the unique needs of your project, whether it's set against the backdrop of Italy's iconic landscapes or within the walls of a studio.

In conclusion, the Canon K35 TLS lens set, coupled with ORBIS Production's comprehensive support and expert teams, stands as a beacon of excellence in the film industry. We are committed to bringing your cinematic dreams to life, providing the tools, talent, and support necessary to navigate the complexities of film production. Trust ORBIS to be your partner in creating unforgettable cinematic experiences that resonate across cultures and generations.

In the heart of Italy's vibrant film industry, ORBIS Rental House stands as a pillar of innovation and quality, offering an unparalleled selection of Canon K35 TLS lenses to filmmakers across the nation. As we delve deeper into the nuances of these exceptional lenses, it becomes evident that they are not merely tools, but rather, vessels through which the art of cinema is elevated to new heights. This comprehensive exploration aims to provide an in-depth understanding of the technical brilliance that sets the Canon K35 TLS lenses apart, ensuring that ORBIS Rental House is your go-to destination for lens rentals and production services in every major Italian city.

Advanced Optical Engineering:

The Canon K35 TLS series is a masterpiece of optical engineering, embodying the essence of vintage aesthetics fused with contemporary performance. Beyond their aspherical design and 330-degree focus throw, these lenses boast a unique Super Spectral Coating. This advanced coating technique enhances light transmission, reduces flares, and maintains color fidelity, ensuring that each frame captures the true essence of the subject. The uniform 110mm front diameter across the set facilitates the use of a wide array of accessories, including matte boxes and filters, streamlining the cinematographic process.

Precision in Every Frame:

Precision is at the core of the Canon K35 TLS lenses, with each lens designed to offer unparalleled sharpness and clarity. The integration of a cam-driven focus system allows for smooth, precise focusing, critical for capturing the minute details that bring a story to life. This mechanical refinement, coupled with the extended focus scale, provides cinematographers with the control necessary to execute their vision with exactitude.

Embracing the Italian Landscape:

From the rolling hills of Tuscany to the historic streets of Rome, the Canon K35 TLS lenses are the perfect companion for capturing Italy's diverse landscapes. Their ability to render breathtaking bokeh and maintain sharpness across the frame makes them ideal for showcasing Italy's natural beauty and architectural marvels. Whether it's a sun-drenched scene on the Amalfi coast or a bustling night in Milan, these lenses capture the essence of each location with stunning accuracy.

ORBIS Production: Your Cinematic Partner:

ORBIS Rental House goes beyond providing exceptional equipment; we offer a holistic production service that caters to the unique needs of each project. With services available in Milan, Rome, Venice, Florence, Genoa, Bologna, Turin, Bari, Palermo, Sardinia, Capri, Amalfi, Como, Garda, Verona, and more, we ensure that your production has the support it needs, wherever it may be. Our extensive network of bilingual film crews, including seasoned DOPs and directors, integrates seamlessly with your team, providing expertise and flexibility to navigate the challenges of film production.

Embark on your next cinematic journey with ORBIS Rental House as your trusted partner. Whether you're shooting a feature film in Florence, a documentary in Turin, or a commercial in Como, our Canon K35 TLS lenses and comprehensive production services are tailored to elevate your project. Experience the ORBIS difference, where unparalleled quality meets exceptional service. Contact us today to secure the ultimate cinematic tools for your production across Italy, and let's bring your vision to life together.

Canon K35 TLS lenses represent more than just a choice of equipment; they signify a commitment to excellence and a dedication to the art of filmmaking. With ORBIS Rental House, you gain access to not only these remarkable lenses but also a partner ready to support your creative journey across Italy's iconic landscapes. Join us in our mission to transform visions into cinematic masterpieces, one frame at a time.