Zeiss Supreme

In the world of cinematic storytelling, the choice of lens can transform an ordinary scene into a visual masterpiece. That's where ORBIS Production, Italy's premier cinema and film equipment rental house, steps in with our exquisite ZEISS Supreme Prime lenses rental service. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, we are not just a film and video equipment rental service in Italy; we are your partners in crafting cinematic narratives that leave a lasting impact.

Unmatched Quality and Precision of ZEISS Supreme Prime Lenses

The ZEISS Supreme Prime lenses are a testament to excellence, embodying unparalleled quality, consistency, and performance. Designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern cinematography, these lenses offer a harmonious blend of high-speed operation and cinematic sensor coverage, making them compatible with the most advanced camera systems. From the bustling streets of Milan to the historic landscapes of Rome, Venice, and Florence, ORBIS Production ensures these exceptional lenses are available throughout Italy.

Each lens in the ZEISS Supreme Prime series, ranging from 15mm to 200mm, boasts an impressive T-stop of T1.5 for the majority, allowing filmmakers to capture their vision in the lowest light conditions without sacrificing quality. The lenses cover full-frame sensors and beyond (FF+), ensuring compatibility with both current and future camera technologies. This foresight guarantees that our clients are always ahead, equipped with tools that transcend the ordinary.

Consistency Across the Board

The ZEISS Supreme Prime lenses stand out for their remarkable consistency across various parameters - coverage, color rendering, aperture, size, weight, and ergonomics. This uniformity ensures that filmmakers can switch between lenses smoothly, maintaining the integrity of their vision without readjusting settings for each change. The compact and lightweight design of these lenses, paired with their small front diameter of 95mm (for most lenses), makes them a favorite among cinematographers for their ease of use and versatility in fast-paced shooting environments.

Aesthetic Focus Fall-Off and Bokeh

What sets the ZEISS Supreme Prime lenses apart is their ability to create a smooth transition between in-focus and out-of-focus areas, producing a bokeh that adds depth and texture to the image. This characteristic is vital for filmmakers aiming to give their work a distinctive look, emphasizing subjects while gently blurring the background to draw viewers into the scene.

Gentle Sharpness and Texture Rendering

Capturing the essence of a moment requires a lens that can render textures, especially skin tones, with the utmost precision and gentleness. ZEISS Supreme Prime lenses deliver a crisp, yet organic look, ensuring that every detail is captured with clarity and subtlety. This gentle sharpness is crucial for filmmakers who demand the best in image quality.

Efficiency and Reliability with eXtended Data Technology

ZEISS's unique eXtended Data technology is a game-changer, offering metadata critical for visual effects-intensive productions and streamlined workflows on set. This technology provides frame-accurate information about focal length, focusing distance, T-stop, and depth-of-field, enabling camera assistants and DITs to work with unparalleled precision. It eliminates guesswork, making the production process more efficient and reliable.

ORBIS Production: Your Cinematic Partner in Italy

At ORBIS Production, we understand that every film project is unique, requiring a tailored approach to meet its specific needs. Our bilingual film crews, including some of Italy's best DOPs and directors, are seasoned professionals in the industry. With roles such as 1AC, 2AC, DIT, 1AD, 2AD, Gaffers, Key Grips, Camera Technicians, Art Department, and VFX supervisors, we offer comprehensive support for projects of any size and complexity.

Our commitment goes beyond providing equipment. We are dedicated to ensuring your project's success, offering services like international production support, equipment insurance, and delivery anywhere in Italy. Our extensive experience and wide range of services make us the go-to partner for filmmakers, producers, and advertising agencies seeking to bring their creative visions to life in Italy.

Choosing ORBIS Production for your ZEISS Supreme Prime lenses rental in Italy means choosing a partner dedicated to excellence. Our unmatched inventory, combined with our professional film crews and comprehensive production support services, positions us as leaders in the Italian film equipment rental market. Embrace the future of cinematography with ORBIS Production, where your vision meets our expertise to create cinematic magic.

One cannot overlook the advanced coating techniques and lens construction that ZEISS employs. These innovations reduce chromatic aberrations and ghosting, enhancing image clarity and color fidelity. Such precision engineering ensures that every frame captured with ZEISS Supreme Prime lenses is not just a shot but a masterpiece.

Moreover, the robust build quality of ZEISS lenses, coupled with their weather-sealed design, makes them reliable companions on any set, under any conditions. Whether shooting under the hot sun of Sicily or amidst the snowy landscapes of the Alps, filmmakers can proceed with confidence, knowing their lenses are up to the task.

ORBIS Production: Elevating Your Project with Supreme Precision

ORBIS Production, with its vast inventory of ZEISS Supreme Prime lenses, stands at the forefront of film equipment rental in Italy. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond Milan, Rome, and Venice. Whether you're filming a commercial in Naples, a feature film in Florence, or a music video in Turin, ORBIS is your trusted partner. Our reach spans across Genoa, Como, Capri, Positano, and beyond, ensuring that high-quality cinematography equipment is available wherever your creative vision takes you.

Our production services are comprehensive, offering not just rental but complete production support across Italy. From the planning stages in Milan to post-production in Rome, our bilingual crews and state-of-the-art equipment are at your disposal. We cater to projects in Venice, ensuring your film or commercial benefits from the iconic scenery with the highest production values.

Elevate Your Cinematography with ORBIS Production Across Italy

Discover the art of visual storytelling with ORBIS Production. From Milan to Modena, and Brescia to Bolzano, our ZEISS Supreme Prime lenses and unparalleled production services are your gateway to cinematic excellence. Embrace the potential of your next project with the best in cinematography equipment and crew. Whether it's the historic streets of Verona, the picturesque landscapes of Siena, or the vibrant city life of Bologna, ORBIS Production is your all-encompassing partner.

For filmmakers seeking to capture Italy's beauty, ORBIS provides not just equipment but a partnership. With our comprehensive services, including rentals, production support, and expert crews, your project is destined for greatness. Trust ORBIS Production for your next cinematic adventure in Italy, where every city, from Rimini to Reggio Emilia, from Lucca to Cremona, becomes a backdrop to your masterpiece.

Contact ORBIS Production today to bring your vision to life with the finest ZEISS Supreme Prime lenses and expert production support across Italy. Your journey to cinematic brilliance begins here.