LEICA R TLS Rehoused

Embark on a cinematic journey like no other with the exclusive Leica R TLS Prime Lens set, meticulously rehoused by True Lens Services (TLS), and available for rental across the enchanting landscapes of Italy only with ORBIS Rental House. With over 30 years of unparalleled experience in the film industry, ORBIS Production not only provides exceptional equipment but also offers comprehensive production support, ensuring your project's success from inception to completion.

Leica R TLS Prime Lens Set: A Testament to Optical Perfection

  • A Spectrum of Focal Lengths: The Leica R TLS set covers an extensive range of focal lengths from 19mm to 180mm, including 19mm, 21mm, 24mm, 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 60mm Macro, 80mm, 90mm, 100mm Macro, 135mm, and 180mm. This versatility ensures that cinematographers can capture every scene with the desired emotional impact, from sweeping landscapes to intimate close-ups.

  • Superior Optical Design for Unmatched Image Quality: Each lens in the Leica R TLS series boasts an unparalleled optical design that delivers creamy bokeh, warm color rendition, and sharpness that extends to the very edges of the frame. The unique character of these lenses, combined with significant improvements in close focus ability, particularly in the 19mm T2.9 Elmarit, allows for a level of intimacy and detail previously unachievable.

  • Enhanced by TLS for Cinematic Rigor: Rehoused by the renowned TLS in England, these lenses feature PL mounts, 110mm fronts, and expanded focus scales, enhancing their usability on modern film sets. The rehousing process not only preserves the legendary Leica quality but also adapts these classic lenses for the demands of contemporary filmmaking, with robust construction that ensures durability and reliability under the most rigorous shooting conditions.

  • Full Frame Coverage for Maximum Compatibility: With an image circle of 44mm, the Leica R TLS lenses are compatible with full-frame cinema cameras, including the Mini LF, Venice 2, and V Raptor, offering filmmakers the flexibility to work with a wide range of camera systems while achieving the vintage character and aesthetic richness that only Leica glass can provide.

ORBIS Production: Elevating Your Filmmaking Vision in Italy

  • Comprehensive Production Services: ORBIS Production is your all-encompassing partner for film projects in Italy. Our services span from equipment rental, including the exquisite Leica R TLS Prime Lens set, to full-scale production support, ensuring your vision is realized with the highest standards of cinematic excellence.

  • Expert Bilingual Crews: Benefit from our unparalleled network of film professionals, including experienced 1AC, 2AC, DIT, 1AD, 2AD, Gaffers, Key Grips, Camera Technicians, Art Department, VFX supervisors, and acclaimed Italian DOPs and directors. Our bilingual crews ensure seamless communication and efficiency, allowing you to focus on bringing your creative vision to life.

  • Tailored Support Across Iconic Locations: From the historic streets of Rome to the picturesque vistas of the Amalfi Coast, ORBIS Production offers localized support across Italy's most stunning locations. Our deep understanding of the logistical and creative nuances of shooting in Italy guarantees a smooth and successful production experience.

Embrace the unparalleled beauty and performance of the Leica R TLS Prime Lens set for your next film project in Italy. With ORBIS Rental House and Production, you gain more than just exceptional equipment; you unlock a partnership committed to achieving cinematic brilliance. Contact us today to discover how we can elevate your filmmaking journey.

Delve deeper into the exquisite craftsmanship and unparalleled cinematic potential of the Leica R TLS Prime Lens set, re-engineered by TLS for the contemporary filmmaker. ORBIS Rental House, Italy's premier provider of film equipment and production services, invites filmmakers to explore the unique characteristics that set these lenses apart, ensuring that every frame captures the essence of storytelling with clarity, warmth, and precision.

Advanced Focus Mechanics for Cinematic Flexibility: The TLS rehousing introduces an advanced cam-driven focus system to the Leica R lenses, significantly enhancing the precision and smoothness of focus adjustments. This meticulous redesign ensures zero backlashes and image shift, providing filmmakers with over 300 degrees of focus rotation for precise control over depth of field. The incorporation of this system allows for accurate, repeatable focus pulls, making these lenses ideal for intricate cinematic narratives.

Customized Aesthetic Control for Visual Storytelling: Each lens within the Leica R TLS set features a rear magnetic filter holder, enabling cinematographers to experiment with various filters and nets. This level of customization facilitates the creation of distinct visual moods and styles, from the ethereal softness of a dream sequence to the crisp clarity of a documentary-style interview.

Rugged and Reliable Design for Demanding Productions: Constructed from high-grade aluminum alloy, stainless steel, and brass, the TLS-rehoused Leica R lenses are built to withstand the rigors of demanding film sets. This robust construction, coupled with the common 110mm front diameter across the set, ensures that these lenses are not only reliable but also compatible with a wide range of matte boxes and other cinematic accessories.

Seamless Integration with Modern Cinema Cameras: Designed to cover full-frame sensors, the Leica R TLS Prime Lens set offers expansive creative possibilities across various camera platforms. Whether you're shooting on a Red Weapon 8K Helium, Sony Venice, or Mini LF, these lenses provide full-frame coverage, ensuring that your vision is captured without compromise.

Embrace the Art of Filmmaking with ORBIS Production Across Italy: From the cobblestone streets of Genoa to the lush vineyards of Tuscany, ORBIS Production is your gateway to cinematic excellence in Italy. Our vast network of film professionals, including bilingual crews and esteemed Italian DOPs, ensures that your production is supported with the highest level of expertise and passion.

Elevate your next film project with the timeless beauty and technical superiority of the Leica R TLS Prime Lens set. Contact ORBIS Rental House today to secure your rental and unlock the full potential of cinematic storytelling in Italy's most iconic locations, including Milan, Rome, Venice, Florence, Bologna, Turin, Naples, and beyond. Let us be the foundation upon which your visual masterpiece is built.

With ORBIS Production, the art of filmmaking is not just preserved; it is celebrated. Join us in bringing your cinematic dreams to life, with the help of the Leica R TLS Prime Lens set and Italy as your canvas. Your story deserves the best. Let's create it together.