RED V-Raptor XL 8K VV

ORBIS Rental House Italy, boasting over three decades of unparalleled expertise in the cinematic domain, is thrilled to present the revolutionary V-RAPTOR XL [X] 8K VV for rental. This epitome of filmmaking technology redefines the landscape of film and video production with its avant-garde large format and global shutter sensor capabilities, ensuring filmmakers the utmost flexibility to realize their creative visions without any bounds. Our esteemed position in the industry as a leading rental house across Italy – encompassing major cities like Milan, Rome, Venice, Naples, Bari, Florence, Forte-dei-Marmi, Como, Verona, Genoa, Amalfi, Capri, Palermo, Trento, and beyond – underscores our commitment to empowering filmmakers with state-of-the-art equipment.

Expanded Key Features:

  • Sensor Excellence: The V-RAPTOR [X] XL 8K VV, equipped with a 35.4MP Global Shutter CMOS sensor, showcases a breathtaking 8192 x 4320 resolution at up to 120fps. This feature not only offers crisp, clear imagery but also ensures dynamic captures for various film and video projects, marking it as an essential choice for professionals seeking rentals in Milan, Rome, Venice, and throughout Italy.

  • Unmatched Dynamic Range: With an extraordinary dynamic range of 17+ stops in standard modes, expandable to over 20 stops through Extended Highlights, the V-RAPTOR XL [X] guarantees detailed and vibrant images in every lighting scenario. This capability is vital for filmmakers aiming to capture intricate details in diverse Italian locales, from the bright outdoors of Naples to the dimly lit historical sites in Florence.

  • Precision with Global Shutter: The global shutter technology of the V-RAPTOR XL [X] eradicates motion blur and the unwanted "jello-effect," capturing fast-moving subjects with impeccable clarity. This feature is especially beneficial for action-packed sequences and dynamic shots, making it a top rental choice in Italy’s bustling film production hubs.

  • Creative Frame Rates: Offering versatility with up to 240fps at 4K and 600fps at 2K, the V-RAPTOR XL [X] enables breathtaking slow-motion shots, adding a layer of creativity and depth to any project. Such high frame rate capabilities are sought after by filmmakers and video creators across Italy, from the ancient streets of Rome to the modern landscapes of Milan.

  • Integrated Electronic ND System: Achieve unparalleled exposure accuracy with the camera's Electronic ND System, providing precision ND settings control without sacrificing image quality. This innovation supports cinematographers in managing lighting conditions effortlessly, a crucial aspect of filming in Italy’s diverse environments.

  • Sophisticated Cooling System: The V-RAPTOR XL [X] features an advanced cooling system for efficient and quiet operation, a necessity for uninterrupted shooting in Italy’s varying climates, ensuring reliability from the sunny coasts of Sicily to the snow-capped Alps.

  • Power Versatility: Equipped with dual voltage battery support and extensive power output options, the V-RAPTOR XL [X] caters to all production sizes and requirements, offering flexibility for shoots across Italy's myriad locations.

  • Innovative Phantom Track: The Phantom Track feature revolutionizes virtual production and complex post-production workflows by capturing final pixel and green screen data simultaneously. This advancement is particularly useful for the evolving film production landscape in Italy, where traditional and virtual production techniques merge.

  • Durability and Design: Designed to withstand the rigors of professional use, the V-RAPTOR [X] incorporates water and dust-resistant sealing, ensuring durability and reliability on any set, from the bustling streets of Naples to the serene canals of Venice.

  • Enhanced Connectivity: With comprehensive connectivity options, including Wi-Fi for wireless control and monitoring, the V-RAPTOR XL [X] adapts to the dynamic production environments of today, offering seamless integration into Italy’s diverse filmmaking settings.

ORBIS Rental House Italy invites filmmakers to experience the future of filmmaking with the V-RAPTOR XL [X] 8K VV, ensuring your vision is not just realized but elevated. Our dedication to providing unparalleled service and support across Italy affirms our commitment to your cinematic success.

Embrace the future of filmmaking with the V-RAPTOR XL [X] 8K VV, available for rent across Italy, including major cities like Milan, Rome, Venice, and beyond. ORBIS Rental House Italy is your trusted partner for all professional cinematography needs, providing unparalleled service and support to ensure your vision comes to life.

Brand: RED