Profoto B10X Plus

The Profoto B10X Plus Duo Kit: A Symphony of Light at Your Fingertips

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Profoto B10X Plus elevates the lighting game to new heights. Its enhanced continuous light output—now reaching up to 3250lm, a 30% increase over its predecessors—ensures that your subjects are bathed in the perfect light, whether capturing still images or shooting video. This increase in lumens is not just about more light; it's about enriching the quality of light that embraces your subject, allowing for deeper, more vibrant colors and sharper details.

The B10X Plus Duo Kit's agility is unmatched, boasting faster recycling speeds that ensure you never miss a beat. Time is essence in both photography and cinematography, and this kit ensures that you're always ready for that perfect shot, significantly reducing downtime between flashes.

Innovation Tailored for Creativity

The Profoto B10X Plus is designed to seamlessly integrate into any shooting scenario. With its lightweight and compact form factor, mirroring the size and shape of a camera lens, it ensures mobility without sacrificing power. The optional flash power of 10 speedlights (B10X Plus) or 5 speedlights (B10X) presents an unprecedented level of control over your lighting, enabling you to create with the freedom your creativity demands.

Its compatibility with over 120 Profoto light shaping tools, including the entire OCF range, opens up a world of possibilities to sculpt your light to perfection. Whether you're looking to achieve a soft, diffused glow or a sharp, dramatic shadow, the B10X Plus Duo Kit adapts to your creative needs.

Seamless Integration with Technology

At the heart of the B10X Plus is Profoto’s innovative AirX Bluetooth technology, which not only allows for immediate control over the lighting setup via your smartphone but also bridges the gap between capturing and editing. This integration streamlines your workflow, significantly reducing the time from conception to final image, a feature that modern content creation landscapes demand.

Empowering Your Vision with ORBIS Production

ORBIS Production isn't just about providing rental equipment; it's about offering a comprehensive support system for your projects. Our extensive network of bilingual professionals, including Italy’s top DOPs, gaffers, and VFX specialists, ensures that we can support projects of any scale and complexity. From the conceptual phase to the final cut, ORBIS Production is your partner in bringing visionary content to life.

With ORBIS Production, you gain more than just access to the Profoto B10X Plus Duo Kit; you unlock a partnership that brings with it an unmatched depth of knowledge and a commitment to excellence. Our logistics network spans across Italy, ensuring that whether you're shooting in the bustling streets of Milan or the picturesque landscapes of Tuscany, we're there to support you.

Illuminate Your Next Project with ORBIS

Choose ORBIS Production for your next project and harness the power of the Profoto B10X Plus Duo Kit. Let us illuminate your path to creative and commercial success, providing not just the tools, but the expertise and support network you need to excel. Reach out to us today and step into the light with ORBIS Production – where your vision meets our expertise.

In the realm of professional photography and videography, the right lighting is not just an accessory; it's the heartbeat of creativity and expression. The Profoto B10X Plus Duo Kit, a jewel in the crown of ORBIS Rental House's comprehensive lighting solutions, is designed to meet this crucial need with unprecedented precision and flexibility. As we delve deeper into the unmatched capabilities of this lighting marvel, it's clear that its features are tailored for those who refuse to compromise on quality and efficiency.

Elevating Your Creative Potential to New Heights

The Profoto B10X Plus Duo Kit is not just about its impressive light output; it's about enhancing your creative vision with every shot. The continuous light mode's adjustable brightness and color temperature ensure that you can fine-tune the ambiance, matching the natural light or creating a mood that elevates your subject. This versatility is invaluable, whether you're capturing the subtle nuances of a gourmet dish in Bologna or the vibrant energy of a fashion show in Milan.

The Ultimate Tool for Seamless Integration

With the Profoto B10X Plus, integration into your existing workflow is effortless, thanks to its intuitive design and the Profoto app's smart connectivity. This synergy between hardware and software allows for quick adjustments and real-time feedback, ensuring your creative process is as fluid as the narratives you weave. The built-in AirX technology further enhances this by enabling high-quality lighting control directly from your smartphone, a feature that redefines convenience in fast-paced environments like film sets in Rome or photo shoots in the picturesque streets of Naples.

A Symphony of Light Wherever You Are

ORBIS Production, with its extensive network spanning Italy, from the historic alleys of Florence to the bustling ports of Genoa and the serene landscapes of Como, is your premier partner in bringing this advanced lighting solution to your doorstep. Our service is designed to ensure that no matter where your creativity takes you, from the rugged coasts of Capri to the snow-capped mountains of Bolzano, the Profoto B10X Plus Duo Kit is there to illuminate your journey.

Unleashing the Power of Collaboration

Beyond providing state-of-the-art equipment, ORBIS Production prides itself on facilitating collaborations that bring visions to life. Our team of skilled professionals, including Italy's finest photographers, DOPs, and lighting technicians, are at your disposal, ready to contribute their expertise to your project. This collaborative spirit is what sets ORBIS apart, ensuring that your project, regardless of its size or complexity, is executed with the finesse and precision it deserves.

Illuminate Your Next Venture with ORBIS Production

Choose the Profoto B10X Plus Duo Kit from ORBIS Rental House for your next creative endeavor. Let us be the catalyst that transforms your creative ideas into luminous realities. Whether you're capturing the essence of Verona, exploring the architectural wonders of Parma, or immortalizing the scenic beauty of Siena, ORBIS Production is your ally in achieving perfection.

Contact ORBIS Production today to explore how the Profoto B10X Plus Duo Kit can elevate your project. Together, let's shine a light on the extraordinary, from Milan to Salerno, and every corner of Italy in between. Your vision, illuminated by ORBIS.