FPV + GoPro12 / RED Komodo

Revolutionize Your Aerial Cinematography with Cinema FPV Drone from ORBIS Production Rental House

ORBIS Production Film Rental House in Italy, the leading name in cinema equipment rental across Italy, introduces the groundbreaking Cinema FPV Drone rental service. This innovative offering elevates the art of aerial cinematography to new heights, combining the agility of FPV drones with the unparalleled image quality of cinema-grade cameras. Whether filming in Milan, capturing the historic essence of Rome, exploring the picturesque landscapes of Florence, or anywhere in Italy, our Cinema FPV Drone is your gateway to astonishing aerial footage.

Cinema FPV Drone: A Fusion of Agility and High-Definition Cinematography

Our heavy-lift Cinelifter FPV Drone effortlessly carries high-end cameras such as the RED Komodo, Black Magic 6K Pro, Sony FX6, and the Freefly Wave, catering to diverse filming needs with precision and stability. With the capacity to support camera systems up to 3kg, the Cinelifter opens up a realm of creative possibilities, from dynamic action sequences to intricate aerial shots. By

Key Features of the RED KOMODO-X FPV Drone:

  • Exceptional Image Quality: Capture your vision in stunning 6K resolution at 30p with the RED Komodo X, featuring over 16 stops of dynamic range in 16-bit RED RAW for breathtaking clarity and detail.

  • Advanced Flight Capabilities: The X8 octocopter configuration ensures enhanced safety through redundancy while built-in vibration isolation and dampening protect the integrity of your footage.

  • Innovative Aerial Maneuvers: Experience unparalleled shot versatility with aerial acrobatics and zero-throttle maneuvers, achieving perspectives unattainable with traditional drones.

  • State-of-the-Art Safety Features: Built-in GPS and return-to-home functionality enhance reliability, with an average flight time of 3-5 minutes per battery under a 2kg payload, supported by an extensive battery inventory.

Why Choose ORBIS Production Rental House?

Selecting ORBIS for your Cinema FPV Drone rental means partnering with Italy's top service production company. Our offerings include:

  • Nationwide Reach: With services in Milan, Rome, Florence, Venice, Naples, Amalfi, Turin, Sicily, Bari, Lecce, Padua, Trieste, Bologna, Verona, Genoa, Positano, Capri, Parma, and beyond, we ensure your project has the support it needs, regardless of location.

  • Expert Technical Teams: Benefit from our bilingual, licensed technical crews who bring expertise and innovation to every shoot, enhancing your production with their deep knowledge and skill.

  • Comprehensive Rental Solutions: ORBIS provides more than just equipment; we offer a full suite of production services to meet every aspect of your project's requirements, ensuring success from pre-production to post.

Elevate your film, TV commercial, or commercial shoot with the unparalleled capabilities of the Cinema FPV Drone, exclusively available at ORBIS Production Rental House. Discover the future of aerial cinematography in Italy with ORBIS, where innovation meets excellence.

In an era where cinematic quality is paramount, ORBIS Production Rental House sets the gold standard for aerial cinematography in Italy. Our Cinema FPV Drone, particularly when outfitted with the RED Komodo-X, offers an unprecedented blend of agility and high-definition imagery.

This perfect synergy not only captures the essence of Italy’s breathtaking landscapes but also provides filmmakers with the tools to realize their most ambitious visions.

Unparalleled Versatility Across Italy

ORBIS’s reach extends across the Italian peninsula, offering unparalleled service from the alpine peaks of the North down to the sun-kissed Sicilian shores. Our expertise in navigating Italy’s diverse topography ensures that no matter the location – be it the historic ruins of Rome, the scenic waterways of Venice, or the rustic charm of Tuscany – ORBIS Production Rental House delivers cinematic excellence.

Tailored to Every Production’s Needs

Understanding that each project has its unique demands, ORBIS tailors its Cinema FPV Drone rental packages to fit the specific needs of your production. Whether you’re shooting a high-speed chase, capturing serene landscapes, or requiring intricate aerial maneuvers, our Cinelifter FPV Drone, combined with our selection of cinema-grade cameras, stands ready to elevate your project.

Beyond Equipment: A Full-Service Production Ally

Choosing ORBIS means more than just accessing state-of-the-art equipment. It means engaging a partner committed to the success of your production. From logistics and planning through to execution, our team works tirelessly to ensure your project’s vision is realized to its fullest potential, making ORBIS the preferred choice for film and television productions across Italy.