Dive into the heart of cinematic brilliance with ORBIS Production, where we redefine the essence of filmmaking under the luminous glow of the ARRI M90. We present to you the ARRI M90 – a paragon of lighting technology that stands unmatched in its field. This comprehensive exposition not only delineates the unparalleled specifications of the ARRI M90 but also illustrates how ORBIS Production, with its impeccable bilingual teams and esteemed Italian DOPs and directors, can elevate your project in Italy, irrespective of its scale or intricacy.

The ARRI M90: Unleashing the Power of Light

The ARRI M90 is a cornerstone of our high-end cinema lighting arsenal, seamlessly bridging the gap between the M40 and the ARRIMAX 18/12. This titan of illumination employs the revolutionary MAX Technology, a patented reflector design that harmoniously blends the advantages of Fresnel and PAR fixtures without the need for traditional lenses. The result? A lighting instrument that delivers the intensity of a 12 kW PAR fixture with a mere 9,000 W lamp, making it not just a light, but a beacon of efficiency and power.

Precision Engineered for Perfection

Boasting a focus range from a narrow 15° to a wide 49° with a simple twist of the focus knob, the ARRI M90 creates a uniformly even light field and sharp, defined shadows. The innovation doesn’t stop there; the absence of spread lenses means a faster, streamlined workflow on set. With the capability to operate with both 6,000 W and 9,000 W lamps, this luminary marvel adapts to your creative demands, ensuring optimal performance through its superior housing and state-of-the-art Cross-Cooling concept, which guarantees a compact design nearly mirroring the dimensions of the ARRISUN 60.

ORBIS Production: Your Cinematic Vision, Amplified

At ORBIS Production, we understand that exceptional filmmaking requires more than just cutting-edge equipment; it demands a symphony of collaboration and expertise. Our arsenal is not limited to the ARRI M90; it encompasses a comprehensive suite of cinema equipment and a cadre of the finest bilingual film professionals in Italy. From the meticulous eyes of our 1ACs and 2ACs to the creative genius of our DOPs and directors, our team is your team. Our Gaffers, Electricians, Sparks, Best Boys Electrics, Key Grips, BBG, Camera Technicians, Art Department, and VFX specialists work in concert to breathe life into your vision, ensuring every frame is a masterpiece.

Technical Specifications and Highlights:

  • Model: ARRI M-Series M90
  • Technology: Lens-less MAX Technology
  • Wattage: 6,000 / 9,000 W for unparalleled brightness
  • Focus Range: 15° to 49° for precise beam control
  • IP Rating: IP23, ensuring durability in challenging weather conditions
  • Weight: Approximately 40 kg (88 lbs), blending portability with power

A Call to Brilliance

With the ARRI M90 and ORBIS Production, your project gains more than just illumination; it achieves a level of excellence that only comes with experience, expertise, and the right partners. Whether your narrative unfolds in the bustling streets of Milan, the ancient heart of Rome, the serene canals of Venice, or any of Italy’s iconic locations, we are here to light the way.

Elevate your production with ORBIS Production and the ARRI M90 – where your vision meets our passion for cinematic excellence. Contact us today to bring your creative dreams to life with the unparalleled clarity, intensity, and reliability of the ARRI M90, supported by Italy’s premier film production service.

With ORBIS Production, the ARRI M90 becomes the cornerstone of visual storytelling, illuminating projects from the majestic Alps in the north to the sun-kissed shores of Sicily.

Advanced Technical Features for Unmatched Quality

The ARRI M90 is designed with a meticulous eye for detail. Its protective rate of IP23 signifies its ability to endure the rigors of outdoor shooting, from the misty mornings of Venice to the unpredictable weather of the Apennines. The luminaire’s maximum operation temperature of 40°C (104°F) and a surface temperature tolerance of up to 200°C (392°F) ensure reliable performance under the most demanding conditions. Its flexibility is further highlighted by a tolerable inclination of 90° upwards and downwards, making it adaptable to any shooting angle.

The inclusion of a UV protection glass with a diameter of 500 mm (19.7") protects the lamp and the quality of the light, ensuring that the color rendition remains true to life. The ARRI M90’s dimensions and weight are thoughtfully balanced to provide a robust yet manageable system, making it as suitable for the intimate streets of Cremona as it is for the grand landscapes of the Dolomites.

Seamless Integration with ORBIS Production Services

ORBIS Production offers more than just rental services; we provide a comprehensive production solution tailored to the unique needs of each project. With our extensive inventory of ARRI M90 units and a team of seasoned professionals, we are equipped to handle productions of any scale across Italy. Our service extends to every corner of the country, ensuring that whether you’re shooting in bustling Milan, historic Rome, picturesque Venice, vibrant Naples, artistic Florence, or any of the other beautiful cities and towns across Italy, ORBIS Production is your partner in cinematic excellence.

Elevate your next film, commercial, or photography project with the ARRI M90 and ORBIS Production's unparalleled services. Whether you need lighting in Milan, production support in Rome, cinematic equipment in Venice, or a full production team in Naples, Florence, Turin, and beyond, ORBIS Production is ready to illuminate your vision. Our reach extends to Genoa, Como, Capri, Positano, and all major Italian locales, ensuring your project benefits from the best in cinematic lighting and production expertise.

Don’t compromise on quality for your next production. Choose ORBIS Production for ARRI M90 rentals and comprehensive production services across Italy. From the northern reaches of Bolzano to the southern tips of Salerno and everywhere in between—Milan, Rome, Venice, Naples, Florence, Bologna, Turin, Genoa, Palermo, Como, Verona, and more—your project deserves the brilliance of ARRI M90 and the unmatched support of ORBIS Production.

Illuminate your story with the ARRI M90 rental in Milan, Rome, Venice, and Italy. Contact ORBIS Production today to ensure your next project shines brighter than ever before anywhere in Italy.